Zion Williamson has been a hot topic in the NBA over the past few weeks and . The first overall pick in the NBA Draft has some fans worried about his health and whether or not he’ll ever be able to play an 82-game season. , which is something that can actually happen sooner than later. His injury seems to be progressing and fans are excited.

Former NBA player Jalen Rose is a firm believer that Williamson needs to sit out for the rest the season. During a recent episode  Jalen & Jacoby, Rose broke down why it’s important to keep Williamson f the court in order to ensure his health.

“You see how he running? He look like a 60-year-old man,” Rose said. “He running like me right now and I’ll be 47 in a couple weeks. You know old he is? He’s 19-years-old, man. Do not, Pelicans, put Zion Williamson out on the floor in January. If he tells you he’s ready to go, you say, ‘Aight big fella, I appreciate that. Practice for two more weeks and we’ll figure it out.’ “

Fans have been waiting for Williamson’s debut for a while now. If the team were to wait until next season to start him, there would be plenty upset fans throughout the NBA. Regardless, it’s a decision that must be weighing on the franchise.