Jason Garrett has become one the most popular sports figures on this site over the last week thanks to his status with the Dallas Cowboys. The former NFL QB has been the team’s head coach since 2010 and has only been able to bring them to three playf appearances. Despite a plethora talent, the Cowboys haven’t made it past the divisional round since Garrett took over which is certainly grounds for dismissal. After missing the playfs this season, fans were anticipating Garrett’s firing. After a few days uncertainty, it appears as though the time has finally come.

According to Ed Werder ESPN, the Cowboys have been exercising caution with Garrett although it seems like they have finally decided to part ways. For now, the Cowboys won’t confirm if Garrett has been fired although Werder reports that the team will be moving on from Garrett and that new coaching candidates will be interviewed.

The Cowboys made this process quite confusing and nervewracking for fans. Owner Jerry Jones has always been shy when it comes to firing people and when it comes to Garrett, he’s been even timider. Regardless, the results speak for themselves and Garrett hasn’t given the team much reason to keep him.

Check out some the reactions to the news, below.