Jason ‘Sire’ Turnbull Produces Glamma Rose’s Latest Single “In The Heat” for EQ

Jason ‘Sire’ Turnbull Produces Glamma Rose’s Latest Single “In The Heat” for EQ

Renowned producer Jason “Sire” Turnbull, known for his work on 50 Cent’s “Window Shopper,” takes on instrumentation duties for Glamma Rose’s newest single “In The Heat,” distributed by EQ, Roc Nation’s independent distribution company.

The R&B ballad, “In The Heat,” showcases Glamma Rose’s soulful vocals and marks another success for the rising artist. Following the footsteps of her previous hits “Starry Night” and “Edge of The Universe,” this love song promises to captivate listeners with its sultry and romantic vibes.

Rose says of the single, “This song is an ode to guilty pleasures. It’s the, so wrong but feels so right, emphatic, raw, expression of living in the moment and loving every second of it.”


Glamma Rose’s journey from songwriting and arranging for other artists to solo stardom is gaining momentum, and “In The Heat” is poised to be another milestone in her burgeoning career. With Turnbull’s expertise and Glamma Rose’s talent, the track sets the stage for continued success as she forges ahead in the music industry.

“I have a strong affection for the music of my childhood. Some of my first memories are of listening to my mother’s records/CDs, reading the lyrics, and feeling transported in those moments surrounded by music. I think my forte is creating music that gives a glimpse into different periods of my life, be it past, present, or what I think the future will be. I’m a grown woman and I write about my personal experiences, spirituality, love, concerns, anger, pain, hopes, dreams, whatever. I’ve overcome a lot of setbacks along the way and moving forward my focus is to pursue my life’s purpose with the best that I have. I’m supposed to share my light through creativity, and hopefully grow, learn, love, and experience happiness along the way.”

– Glamma Rose

You can hear the single below.