We recognize that the coronavirus is serious, but in order to maintain a certain level sanity, people are having fun making memes about the virus. Over the last few months, has been the star the “Toxic Ex-Boyfriend” memes that went viral. They became popular around the holiday season as a way for people to poke fun at those pesky exes who use the cheerful time the year as a way to weasel back into their former lover’s lives. Now, it’s the coronavirus that has people checking in, and

Budden shared a photo himself in his pool while checking his phone. In the caption he wrote, “Just checking to make sure you good, it’s getting crazy out there… the the same way i should have when i was with you.. be safe, i love you.” His followers got a kick out the caption, and model “SuperStar6ix” laughed and called it “super toxic.”

He replied, “@superstar6ix ORRRRR accountable ??.” She hit him back with, “@joebudden ? pretty much toxic ?.” Check out as the new coronavirus “Toxic Ex-Boyfriend” below. Apparently a few people have stolen the caption and actually texted it to their exes.