Joe Budden Thinks He Kicked Off the ‘Take Down’ of Drake

Joe Budden Thinks He Kicked Off the ‘Take Down’ of Drake


Joe Budden is laying claim to starting the effort to get Drake out of the paint.

Speaking in a Spaces conversation on X, Budden credits his onslaught of disses to Drake in 2016 as a start to the slow “take down” of Drake. Those disses, aligned with his podcast rants, assisted in igniting the run of his now I’ll Name This Podcast Later, which was renamed The Joe Budden Podcast.

“It may sound narcissistic, but I don’t think any one man takes down Drake,” said Budden. “I think I passed the baton to Push, I think Push passed the baton to Kendrick, and the job is done now.”


In May, Joe Budden examined the Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef as it currently stands. Speaking with Akademiks, Budden says he is over it, and Drake is tired.

“I’m over it. Drake sounds exhausted,” Budden said. “I want the battle to end after ‘Not Like Us.’ I learned today I like Drake on offense and not defense.”

You can hear it below.

“The Heart Pt. 6” from Drake sounded like his last entry in the beef with Kendrick Lamar. He even raps in the middle of sexual assault jabs, “I don’t wanna diss you anymore, this really got me second guessing.”

You can hear it all below.