. If you’ve been logged onto Twitter for even the briefest period time this morning, you’re fully aware all the chatter surrounding Iran, a potential war, and Trump. There are plenty memes being shared, making us giggle in the face danger. Of course, people are worried that if a major war is declared, we will be involved in a draft and New York rapper is already voicing his displeasure at that possibility.

Joey Bada$$ Wants No Part In Potential World War III: "I WILL NOT BE YOUR SOLDIER"
John Parra/Getty s 

Taking to Twitter to comment on the madness happening in our world, Joey Badmon apologized to the United States America before announcing that he will have no part in the war everyone believes is imminent. “SORRY AMERIKKKA BUT I WILL NOT BE YOUR SOLIDER,” he wrote. Unfortunately, Joey, like the rest us, may not even have a say in whether or not he will fight in a potential World War III. Hopefully, we don’t ever reach that point.

What do you think about the airstrike Trump ordered on Iran, and the subsequent threats uttered against the country?