and was hit with three charges. The main charges had to do with driving while intoxicated, as well as negligent use a deadly weapon. Jones was found in his jeep while a firearm and half-empty bottle tequila were next to him. Police were prompted to approach his vehicle after a report that he had allegedly shot f a round.

According to TMZ, the video the arrest has been made public thanks to body-cam footage taken by one the ficers. In the video below, Jones appears to be slurring his words as he explains that he needed to get out the house because the pandemic is making him go stir-crazy.

“I literally just got stir-crazy,” Jones said. “I just wanted to have a drive. This is my first drive in 2 weeks. And, I saw these homeless guys. I was being nice to them, having a conversation with them, treating them like humans.”

After being arrested, Jones began to cry as he was escorted into the police vehicle. It was then that he admitted he was scared for his family and even said he wanted to be a police ficer growing up.

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