Currently in the midst serving a 27-month prison sentence over weapons charges, rapper has taken to Twitter to reflect on an unfortunate milestone. He’s ficially been in jail for an entire year, serving a little under half his intended sentence. “The 1 year anniversary I been incarcerated,” writes the rapper, his chosen emojis speaking to his mindstate; sad but staying strong in the face adversity. 

Though it seems as if Santana still has a while to go, the possibility an early release has been previously teased by his wife Kimberly “Kimbella” Vanderhee. At the end December 2019, Kimbella took to Instagram to predict that Juelz , though she neglected to specify as to whether the favorable news was a done deal. Either way, Santana appears to be staying the course,  while waiting out the remaining days. 

Luckily, the rapper’s fanbase has opted to remain supportive. Many fans took to Twitter to implore him to stay strong, and it’s clear the rapper has been taking their unconditional appreciation to heart. Not long ago, Santana fered up a new song to satiate his patient followers, Arriving complete with a message from , Santana’s latest single provided a heartfelt examination his current situation: “Locked in a cell 23 and 1, sitting up in jail hoping freedom come,” he raps. “Worst part about it I can’t see my son, or my daughter they too young to know what’s going on / my oldest son hit me saying ‘hold your head’ / said ‘I’m praying for you dad hold your head’ / brought tears to the eyes a grown man.”

Stay tuned for more news on Juelz Santana’s incarceration and the new music that will inevitably come as a result. Keep your head up, Juelz!

Juelz Santana Has Been In Jail For A Year