Juicy J Considers Starting An OnlyFans

Juicy J Considers Starting An OnlyFans

In 2020, the OnlyFans platform is certainly a concept that provides a proper summation of the year we’ve had thus far. Aside from the expansion of NSFW content from public figures, it’s gained quite the buzz for the astronomical checks that these figures have reportedly collected on the site from eager eyes. Juicy J is certainly no stranger to a check or two, and he’s certainly not blind to the business opportunity that lies within OnlyFans.

Recently, in a sit-down with HighSnobiety, the “GAHDAMNHIGH” rapper revealed that he’ll soon be launching his own OnlyFans account to get in on the action, citing actress Bella Thorne’s $1 million cash out as proper impetus.

“Bella Thorne made a million dollars in a day. I love it. I’m about to get me an OnlyFans. Put some stripper chicks in there so fans can see some cheeks dancing or something,” he explained.


OnlyFans comes with its hefty share of preconceptions. However, the southern hitmaker sees it as an opportunity to amplify any sort of content–from making music to cooking.

“I can play some music and work on promotion,” he adds. “I heard a lot of people be like, ‘Oh man. OnlyFans is OnlyFans.’ I’m like, look, somebody made a million dollars. I don’t even know what she did to get that million dollars. She probably just showed pictures of herself, just chilling in the house or whatever. You can bake a cake, make spaghetti, and whatever the hell you’re doing and, as long as you have an audience, people will pay to tune in. Somebody wants to see Juicy J make spaghetti. That’s how you run that check up. You get that $1, $2 million, whatever [Bella Thorne] got. I think it’s a great way to interact with your fans and promote your music and get a paycheck.”

If he decides to bring his OnlyFans account to life, Juicy J will finds himself in good company. This year, many other artists caught onto the notion of using OnlyFans as a conduit for their music. So far, the likes of The Dream, Swae Lee, Casanova and Cardi B have used the platform as a means of promoting new releases.