Friday marked the first time in four years that has released a solo single. The. Fans have been awaiting the follow up to his 2015 full-length studio album Purpose, and during that time there have been many changes in the 25-year-old’s life.

The superstar singer has been in the spotlight for years and as he moved into his early 20s, he found himself on the wrong side the law more than he’d like. Bieber made a few life changes and became heavily involved in the church After taking some time away from the studio in order to care for his mental and emotional health, Bieber is back and ready to reclaim his spot in the music scene.

Now that “Yummy” hasmore news has surfaced regarding his forthcoming studio album. TMZ claims that they have a few details about the highly-anticipated record and that Justin may drop it in March, the month his birthday. The outlet also states that Bieber’s tour would begin in May. The singer has recently shared some new “Forever” ink that he got tattooed on his neck, and that’s said to be the title his next album. However, nothing is set in stone.

As far . TMZ says Biebs has called on , , and to add their vocals to his project. Aside from the album, is set for release later on this month. Check out the trailer for Seasons and listen to “Yummy” below.