In the last decade, we saw two superstars emerge as some the greatest artists to ever pick up a microphone: and . As it pertains to who reigns supreme those two, that’s still a very valid question in the eyes hardcore hip-hop heads. They each present such a different view into how we perceive music as great but audiences are still torn on who is the best. On one the latest Podcast episodes, the debate actually came into question, being discussed as a competitive battle that will potentially end this year after both their respective releases.

The  that have been coming out both intentionally and unintentionally is astounding and points to one thing and one thing only: OVO SZN is coming. As for the camp, they seem to be easing us into something as well, announcing the new . According to Joe Budden, the timing that announcement could have been to fset the hype that Drake is generating, re-starting their friendly beef.

Kendrick Lamar & Drake Still Competing According To Joe Budden
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“I don’t think that the Drake-Kendrick tension is dead,” says Budden. “I do not think that, in my lifetime, I have seen the end the stigma, not saying it really exists, but the perception that is Drake vs. Kendrick. I think that last decade, they fought as long as they could fight and the decade ended without us having a decisive winner and I don’t think either them have gotten f that. Drake leaks have been leaking for months. When I say Kendrick has eyes, he sees that. …] I think Kendrick is the only one that could and would say, ‘I’m looking for that drop.'”

Are we in for a historic battle between Kendrick Lamar and Drake for 2020 rap supremacy? Listen below at the 37-minute mark.