Apparently, pgLang wasn’t a topic conversation during any meet-ups between rapper Reason and because the 29-year-old California artist has no clue what’s going on with his mentor, much like the rest us.

After clearing out his social media pages, Kendrick Lamar uploaded three images pertaining to the , cryptically sharing the posts and not revealing much else information. As expected, the update brought forth tons album speculation. pgLang is the name the company and, according to Reason, not even the other artists working as part Top Dawg Entertainment are aware what’s happening with the Pulitzer Prize winner.

“Who knows wtf dot doin lol,” wrote Reason on Twitter yesterday, echoing a sentiment that many us were thinking. The reveal pgLang came from out nowhere, and it was left very muddy. While it’s clear that it encapsulates the latest brainchild Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free’s combined geniuses, the extent its impact on the music world — including a potential new album from the world-famous Compton rapper — is yet to be determined.

If Reason doesn’t know what’s happening, nobody does. Stay tuned for more information on Kendrick Lamar, pgLang, and everybody else within the TDE camp.