Time flies when you’re waiting on ‘s next album. The Compton rapper is acclaimed in hip hop circles as one the best artists to have emerged in the last decade, with Lamar’s self-titled EP. The 15-track, Top Dawg Entertainment project saw the emerging rapper step away from K-Dot and into embracing his full legal name as his new moniker.

‘s President Terrence Louis Henderson Jr., better known as Punch, celebrated the commemorative moment on social media. “We dropped this 15 song ‘Ep’ 10 years ago today!” he tweeted. “It changed our trajectory forever. This was Kdot introducing Kendrick Lamar to the world. The Kendrick Lamar EP. #TDE.”

A fan shared that one the EP’s songs helped save his life. ” away. My gosh @kendricklamar this Ep saved my life,literally. I went to a new school at 15 and was bullied constantly, this ep was my escape.”

Punch retweeted the message and said that stories like these are why he’s in the music game. “THIS is the reason I personally do this thing,” Punch shared. “Not money, fame, status, awards etc…. THIS. by our thoughts and ideas. ??”