This season hasn’t been very kind to the Portland Trail Blazers. Aside from the addition Carmelo Anthony, the team hasn’t been able to drum up very much excitement. Their 14-21 record leaves a lot to be desired although somehow, they are still in playf contention. Regardless, their results on the court simply haven’t been good enough for a team that made the Western Conference Finals just a year ago. Last night was another example the team’s struggles as they lost by 24 points to the New York Knicks and no, you didn’t read that wrong.

Former player Kendrick Perkins has been spending the last couple years giving his opinions on the game. Twitter has fered him the best platform to do this and on Thursday morning, he gave his take on what’s been going wrong with the Blazers.

Perkins’ hypothesis is definitely an interesting one. The Blazers haven’t had very much chemistry this season although their depth has certainly been an issue. This roster relies too much on Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum which leads to a lack scoring options. Melo has been playing well but it’s not enough to truly make this roster a contender.

Thanks to a weak Western Conference, the Blazers have a real shot at making the postseason. If they can get some their injured players back, perhaps they’ll carry some momentum into the playfs.