NBA Hall Famer Kevin Garnett was one the most talkative players his era, constantly chirping at opponents and talking trash whether he was on the court or catching a breather on the bench. As such, Garnett is more than qualified to shed some light on the trash-talking ways the NBA, including which players did it best, such as Tim Duncan. Yes, Tim Duncan.

Kevin Garnett Recalls Tim Duncan's Hilarious Trash Talk

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According to KG, Duncan’s trash talk was the most infuriating because the subtle manner in which he would verbally abuse his opponents while methodically burying them with fundamental moves. During a recent episode the “All The Smoke” podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, Garnett recalled some the hilariously polite phrases that Timmy used to throw around while embarrassing his counterparts.

Says KG, “People would not see him verbally saying stuff because he wouldn’t talk in sentences. Timmy would hit you in phrases – ‘got you,’ ‘Oooh,’ ‘almost.’ This the worst right here, ‘nice try.’ Like subtle shit. No gangsta shit, no real hardcore shit.” Garnett also explained that it was extremely frustrating for him to talk shit to Duncan because The Big Fundamental simply didn’t give f that same energy.

In addition to his thoughts about TD’s trash talk, Garnett also recalled some stories about known trash talkers like Gary Payton and Charles Barkley. See what KG had to say about Timmy and GP in the videos embedded below.