Kevin Hart was set to be in court on  for a countersuit he filed against Stand Up Digital, a company that developed a video game that would feature Hart and his family as characters. The original suit was filed after the company claimed that Hart’s  embarrassed the brand and affected the rollout the game. The  for $7.2 million in damages.  

Stand Up Digital allegedly spent $1.25 million to develop the game with Hart. However, a month before the game’s September 2017 release, Hart admitted to an extramarital affair. According to the lawsuit, Kevin Hart blindsided the company and refusing to communicate with them leading up to the game’s release. 

Kevin Hart's $7 Million Lawsuit Dismissed Cindy Ord/Getty s

Kevin Hart denied all wrong-doings, stating that he “suffered through an extremely difficult period in his life, where he was subjected to attempted blackmail to prevent disclosure an extramarital affair”. In addition to this, Hart shared that he was unable to communicate freely with the company due to the fact that he had been working closely with the FBI for the blackmail case. 

Hart retaliated by countersuing the company, claiming that he did his part is posting and promoting the game when it was released and that he was still owed money from those sales.