Key Glock Declares Himself “The Greatest” in New Single

Key Glock Declares Himself “The Greatest” in New Single

Key Glock, the celebrated rapper from South Memphis, asserts his dominance in his latest single, “The Greatest.” Teaming up once again with producer Bandplay, Key Glock delivers dynamic verses over a simmering beat adorned with ringing piano keys and arpeggiating guitars. With confidence akin to Muhammad Ali, Key Glock flaunts his prowess, boasting, “Heart cold as a polar bear (burr)/And name hotter than a f*cking desert/I spent $20,000 on some fur/Then spent $30,000 on some leather.” Fans can anticipate the music video dropping soon on Key Glock’s YouTube channel.

“The Greatest” is just the beginning of Key Glock’s May music releases, with plans for a total of five singles throughout the month. This release strategy, coinciding with the fifth month, pays homage to Key Glock’s affiliation with Paper Route Empire and his cousin and mentor, the late Young Dolph, using the hashtag #PRE5L.

This latest single follows the success of “Let’s Go (Remix),” a collaboration between Key Glock and Young Dolph that soared to #59 on the Billboard Hot 100. The remix further propelled the popularity of “Let’s Go,” already one of Key Glock’s biggest hits to date.