King Keraun Returns To Host An Adventurous Second Season Of ‘That White People Sh*t’

King Keraun Returns To Host An Adventurous Second Season Of ‘That White People Sh*t’

Comedian King Keraun is back and better than ever. The Houston native scored a hit show on Fuse Media network back in 2019. Based on the success of its first season, ‘That White People Shit’ was renewed for a second season. During season one’s pilot episode, King Keraun tells the audience that he doesn’t understand half of the activities that white people get into. It is more than likely that he’s not alone in that sentiment.

Throughout the first season, King Keraun indulges in a number of activities such as ghost hunting, chainsaw carving and more. If that sparked your interest, you are in store for a hilariously thrilling second season. The audience can anticipate the Los Angeles based comedian to dive into bird training, air guitar playing, archery and more.

While the show provides a load of entertainment, King Keraun uses his platform to effect change as well.


“I make sure that they (white people) understand the disconnection,” says the 32 year-old father.

He adds that uncomfortable conversations are one the best methods for comprehension on race relations. Viewers can look forward to being educated as well as entertained.

Be sure to catch season 2 of ‘That White People Shit’ every Sunday on FUSE TV at 11:30 PM EST, starting Sunday, Sept. 20.

In addition to his comedic efforts and television show, King Keraun was announced as EA’s Madden 21 Spokesplayer. Therefore, he controls levels the field as half spokesperson and half Madden player. EA introduced Spokesplayer Keraun with two highly anticipated NFL rookies in Denver’s Jerry Jeudy and Dallas’ CeeDee Lamb.

Check out more of King Keraun and his journey in the interview below.