Lanray X, Teck-Zilla, & Lxnda Reunite On “Crime & Justice”

Lanray X, Teck-Zilla, & Lxnda Reunite On “Crime & Justice”


“Crime & Justice”  is the latest single from rapper-producer duo Lanray X and Teck-Zilla, and it’s inspired by the Nigerian Showmax Original mystery crime series Crime and Justice Lagos. 

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While the show revolves around the activities of the fictional crime-solving unit SSCU, the song is focused on the men and women who are at the mercy of the elements. From the rising cost of living and lack of social amenities and services to being under the daily threat of losing everything they have worked hard to gain. Lanray X takes listeners deep into the den, where we see everyday men and women doing extraordinary things to survive the day.


Lyrics like “Crime, justice and violence, People killed in silence/ We protest, they shoot, Dig too deep get moved” show the grit and gutter and haplessness of the masses while Lxnda’s melodic hook offers a soothing and hopeful recourse that is much needed. All this is underpinned by the somber guitar licks and bouncy afro percussionated drums put together by producer Teck-Zilla.

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“Crime & Justice”  is a single from a yet-to-be-titled EP from Lanray X and Teck-Zilla. It was recently featured on the season finale of the Showmax series Crime and Justice Lagos.

Months before recording the song, Lanray X was involved in a near-fatal motor accident during a trip back to production camp after shooting episode 4 with the Crime and Justice Lagos Film crew. The accident claimed 1 life while the rest of the crew members suffered injuries.

However, Lanray X broke his arm in the whole saga and had to record the song under much pain after taking time off from the hospital where he is still undergoing treatment.