Now that we are all on a state-mandated quarantine, it has become apparent that there are only so many things you can do with yourself before you end up getting extremely bored with your situation. LeBron James has been starting to feel that pretty heavily as he is currently unable to play NBA basketball. Instead, he has been stuck at home where he is making the best things. He now has more time to spend with his kids and they just so happen to be enjoying themselves on TikTok.

 thanks to Bryce and Bronny who always pull their dad into the antics. After the most recent video on Bryce’s account went viral, LeBron took to Twitter where he made an admission about his foray into TikTok. As he explained, he looks pretty ridiculous at times although he seems to be enjoying himself just fine.

At the end the day, LeBron gets to use this time to bond with his kids and reexplore his youth. While it may not be an ideal situation for anyone involved, it certainly comes with some positives, including father/son/daughter time.

Hopefully, LeBron continues to shine through with his newfound love TikTok. We’re sure it will lead to some great meme content further down the line.