LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers are just like everyone else in the world right now . By now, . With numerous players in the NBA testing positive for the virus, it is imperative that people start taking this thing seriously and do something about it sooner than later. 

Last night, James went on IG live out pure boredom and began speaking with all his fans. At one point, someone asked LeBron whether or not he was enjoying his little vacation. As he explained, this whole thing has been hard on him and his teammates. They want to be able to play for the fans and as right now, they’re simply not able to do that.

“No, no I miss playing ball. I miss doing what I do. I miss being in front the Lakers faithful. I miss being in front the opposing fans when I’m on the road…we were] hitting our stride,” LeBron said.

LeBron was well on his way to a deep playf run and if the season gets canceled, the Lakers superstar will be robbed an opportunity at a championship. Hopefully, we can get this virus under control and go back to normal so the NBA comes back in short order.