LeBron James is just like the rest us right now. Instead being on the basketball court for the Los Angeles Lakers, , trying to avoid the Coronavirus. It’s a harsh reality we are all trying to cope with but if we all listen to the proper instructions, we can help flatten the curve and beat this thing once and for all. 

, which includes rewatching some his old games with the Miami Heat. Now, LeBron is suggesting a brand new project that could help bring all his fans together. As he explains in the tweet below, LeBron wants to watch and break down some his favorite moments from his career and share them with fans. 

LeBron is currently debating whether or not to do this IG live or another means like YouTube. Regardless what he decides, this would certainly be some welcome entertainment considering everything that has been going on lately.

Hopefully, LeBron blesses us with this sooner than later because we are truly starving for sports right now. At this point, we would gladly watch some bowling or darts matches if that was an option.