Former NBA commissioner David Stern passed away on Wednesday at the age 77, weeks after suffering a brain hemorrhage. To honor Stern’s monumental contributions to the game basketball during his 30-year run as commissioner from 1984 to 2014, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James hopes that the league will name an award, or a day, after Stern in the near future.

“He definitely should have something named after him,” James said following the Lakers’ 117-107 win over the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday. “Either if it’s an award, or, I don’t know, a day? During the course an NBA season, there’s a ‘David Stern Day.’ I don’t know. We can figure it out.” 

Stern is widely regarded as one the greatest commissioners across all sports and he deserves all the credit for turning the NBA into the global force that it is today. In further celebration Stern’s life, LeBron posted the following message on instagram.

“I will never EVER forget when you called my name on stage and I shook your hand. My dream came true!!! Thank you for your commitment to the beautiful game basketball that has changed so many young adult/kids lives and more importantly your vision to make our game become WORLDWIDE was a vision only you could make happen! You did just that. Making our game the greatest sport in the world! Was a honor to know you personally. Rest In Paradise David Stern! My prayers goes to your family and friends throughout this difficult time!”

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