Lil Baby Plans to Open New Atlanta Restaurant

Lil Baby Plans to Open New Atlanta Restaurant

Lil Baby is one of Atlanta’s hottest artists out at the moment. The rapper has earned his stripes in the music industry and now thinking to take his investments to a different industry.

In an interview with XXL, Lil Baby shared his plan to open a new restaurant in his hometown with a lounge vibe. “Actually, I have a new restaurant and I’ma open it in Atlanta,” he stated on the zoom call.  “It was supposed to be open by January, but we had to finish the stages, so maybe, February, March.”

The “My Turn” rapper has yet to release a name for the restaurant but Lil Baby projects that the restaurant will cater to some of the South’s favorite dishes.  “You know, lamb chops, lobster tails, rice, stuff like that,” he added. “A little music, alcohol. Stuff like that.”


The Atlanta native is also preparing to release his first Super Bowl halftime commercial with Rock star Energy Drink, expected to release in February.

Its safe to say the line up for Lil Baby in 2021 is looking great.