Another year, . Last night, the rapper assembled a ten-minute reflection on 2019’s wildest antics, addressing some the notable controversies the year. We’ve seen the downfall , Jussie Smollet’s wild ride, ‘s British heritage revealed, the endless confession , and that’s only the tip the iceberg. With no shortage ammunition and little to no moral scruples, Murda embarked on his journey with one brutal take after another. 

While many his targets are unlikely to clap back in an effective manner, one particular lyric caught the ire , a man with whom one does not seek problems. It stemmed after Murda made reference to Reese’s recent shooting, which left his throat in a state recovery. “Lil Reese got shot in the neck, I’m happy he okay,” rapped Murda, between references to Tee Grizzley and Almighty Jay. “He lost his voice, we ain’t wanna hear his new shit anyway.”

It didn’t take long for word to travel back to Reese, who quickly took to Twitter to voice his displeasure. “Aye tell uncle Murda I said suck my dick old ass bitch still tryna rap,” he wrote, a simple but effective retaliation. Yet Murda likely knew he would elicit a response; it’s simply familiar territory at this point. Given that both men cut an imposing cloth in the game, one has to hope this one settles in the days to come. Did cross a line with this one?