If Eternal Atake doesn’t drop within the next few months, fans will riot. We’ve been waiting for the Philadelphia native to release his next studio album for as long as Uzi hasn’t been ***ually active. It would be strange if we were just keeping up with the rapper’s *** life like that but, . Uzi has been more active than usual on social media, which many are hoping eventually leads to the announcement EA‘s release date. Updating his fans more frequently on his personal life, the topic his *** life was brought up again today when LUV suggested an activity alternative to *** that he would much rather engage in. 

Lil Uzi Vert Discloses Reason Why He Hasn't Had Sex In Years
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Preferring to emotionally connect with his romantic suitors, Vert explained that he has no interest in intercourse. The reason why he hasn’t been ***ually active in two years isn’t that he can’t get any action. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Uzi always gets approached by women and men that would love to spend the night with him, but the rapper wishes for something more than just physicality. “I don’t wanna have *** I just wanna connect,” he wrote with a thumbs-up emoji.

. As long as he can remain inspired, we’re good.