Lil Wayne Says ‘Ain’t No Such Thing As The Next Nicki Or The Next Drake’

Lil Wayne Says ‘Ain’t No Such Thing As The Next Nicki Or The Next Drake’

Aside from one of the best careers in rap, Lil Wayne will go down as the man who found and developed Drake and Nicki Minaj into the superstars that they are today. And he also believes there will never be any such thing as the “Next Drake” or the “Next Nicki.”

In an interview with Brett Berish from HipHop-N-More, Weezy stated that “Ain’t no such thing as the next Nicki or the next Drake.” He went on to elaborate, saying that Drake and Nicki came up before social media, and now with social media being a big influence on how and which artists blow up, there’s no telling who will blow up.

“Back then music was different, they came in before social media when they had everybody’s attention. You’ve got to be more than someone to be a Drake or a Nicki.” 


Wayne also touched on today’s rappers being influenced by him. He says he’s flattered, however, he’s not a fan of people trying to copy or mimic him. “None of them trying to be like me… they don’t sound nothing like me.” He also said that he influenced rappers putting “lil” and “baby” in their monikers.

Wayne also talked about new music. He said that he had been working with A$AP Ferg on a project as well as another I Am Not A Human Being installment.