Will Blueface and be the face #RelationshipGoals in the coming months? That very well may be the case. In a recent interview on Real 92.3 LA where his scumbaggery was in full effect, the rapper donned a mask but admitted that he’s still having ***, despite health ficials demanding everyone practice social distancing. “Even if she got coronavirus, I’m still fuckin’,” he joked.

The question was then posed whether he would smash Lizzo if she had coronavirus. “I done hit a couple big bitches in my day, you feel me?” He admitted with a grin that could be seen through the mask. “Lizzo, call me, baby. That’s a wide load. I might need an extra n***a, you feel me?” He added. “Lizzo, if you out there and you hearin’ this. Call me, baby. Call me,” he concluded.

Though he was asked about and right before, he took the clip about Lizzo and shared it on his Instagram page. “They ask da questions I just answer them,” he captioned it.

It didn’t take long for Lizzo to catch wind his comments. Though she didn’t have to say much, a picture does speak a thousand words so she let her thirst trap do the talking with the simple caption, “Blueface babyyy.”

Peep her response to Blueface below.