Talk LL Cool J releasing new music has seemingly been going on forever, or at least since he dropped his last album, Authentic, in 2013. However, as he’s remained focused on his acting career, most notably his 10 year run (and counting) on NCIS: Los Angeles,  with a new body work. It looks like this is all about to change, as the rapper-turned-actor is about to turn rapper again based on an announcement he made on Twitter on Sunday. Mr. Ladies Love Cool James informed the Twitterverse that he’s been busy in the studio, working closely with a particular  producer who is sure to excite hip hop fans everywhere.

I just started recording new music produced by my lil bro @QtipTheAbstract,” LL wrote, followed by an array “100” emojis. The Tribe Called Quest legend has been spending his days as late producing music for other artists, most recently , which dropped in October 2019. LL followed this tweet with another, adding some more crucial information:

“I’m putting this new music out on @defjam ?,” he tweeted. Since Def Jam Records is the label that started ‘s career, it’s certainly good news to hear that he’ll be returning to his roots for his next musical endeavour. Perhaps some   will be included on the upcoming project.