still has the blood a GOAT on his hands, apparently. The rapper’s feud with has not gone to rest, even after Em called Although Machine Gun Kelly claims Eminem has been for the duration the last twenty years, he, too, doesn’t seem willing to make peace with the Detroit legend.

Fresh f the release his new single, “Bullets With Names” ft. , RJMrLa, and Lil , Machine Gun Kelly made it clear that he still isn’t on good terms with Em. Or if he is, he’s atleast still proud the damage done on “Rap Devil.”

“Killed me a GOAT so my jacket got stains on it
Wipin’ my nose like I got some cocaine on it
Pulled out his cfin and ate me a plate on it
Called up his bitch, showed my dick, let ’em lay on it.”

Chances are we won’t hear Eminem mention it anytime soon but we’ll see if MGK has any more shots to take at “Killshot” rapper. The single, with production from Ronny J, is set to appear on Machine Gun Kelly’s next project, Tickets To My Downfall. Supposedly, the album will have a more pop-punk vibe to it.