Unfortunately, due to the current global pandemic, you won’t be able to go get shit-faced at your local Irish pub this St. Patrick’s Day because… well… social distancing. If you’ve got some Guinness at home, we suggest that you turn up with your loved ones instead or, if you’re looking for some more wholesome fun, take ‘s tips for a lively St. Paddy’s Day.

Mariah Carey Completes St. Patrick's Day "Flip The Switch" Challenge
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Always in the mood to celebrate a holiday, Mariah Carey just tried her hand at the , inspired by ‘s banger “Nonstop.” In the video, the diva is being tended to by her make-up artist as her twins stand in front her. In the background, a man carries the family dog in his arms. Once the switch is flipped, the entire gang is decked out in festive outfits, rocking the color green to celebrate March 17 with tons spirit.

Even though we’re not supposed to be leaving the house, we can still have fun. Now is the time to capitalize on things you’ve been meaning to do around the crib. Clean your room, hang out with your loved ones, and, most importantly, crack open a cold one to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the most festive way possible.