Meek Mill Dragged For Giving $20 To Water-Selling Kids

Meek Mill Dragged For Giving $20 To Water-Selling Kids

Meek Mill is one of the most successful rappers of his generation. The Dreamchasers CEO has accumulated wealth throughout his career by producing hit records, along with several brand partnerships such as Lids. He recently made headlines after recording his donation of $20 to kids on an Atlanta freeway. While the Atlanta water boys accepted the $20 from Meek, they wanted more. The kids expected more because of the Philly rapper’s celebrity and status. He took to Twitter to clear the air on their appreciation.

“They appreciated it they just hustling kids…” said Meek.

Apparently, Meek’s good deed went over everyone’s head. Once people caught wind of the video, Twitter went ham on the “Levels” rapper. They begin to highlight that he was driving a $400K Rolls Royce the time of his donation.


Although this is true, a bottle of water is $1. Therefore, it was an overpayment for the offered product. One person on Twitter did not appreciate Meek referring the kids as “ATL Runtz.” He was referring to a the marajuana strain, which was distasteful at the time. Another stated, “the funny part is that you can give $20 to these kids and then go right down the street to Magic City and throw racks at a stripper.”

Tokyo Vanity came to Meek’s defense, as a result of her own experience with the ATL water boys.

Despite what many considered a measly donation, Meek Mill is no stranger to philanthropy. Back in April, he joined Michael Rubin and a number of other celebrities for the All-In Challenge. The 33 year-old rapper donated his 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom to help charities and families in need for COVI-19 relief.

Do you think Meek should’ve gave the kids more for $1 water?