A few words uttered by have caused quite the stir. While much the world has returned to work following exhaustive New Year’s celebrations, there are a few celebrities who are still enjoying some rest and relaxation. loves linking up with a few his favorite people and He shared videos showing himself, , , Meek Mill and more suited up and ready to go f on a ride on jetskis. It all looked as if it was innocent fun, but a brief appearance by Meek had tongues wagging.

For . Rumors his relationship with Milano di Rouge founder Milan Harris have been running rampant for quite some time, and, some believed that Meek was once again going to be a father.

While jet-skiing with the fellas, DJ Khaled had his camera out recording their adventures. “Take a look at 2020,” he repeatedly said. Then, Meek speaks. Initially, it sounds as if he says, “It’s new baby on the way, baby!” Whatever it was caught Khaled f guard as he chuckled and replied, “What you say Meek? Yo, Meek! What the hell you say?” Then Meek responded, “2020 is real, wavy on the way!” 

Give it a listen for yourself and see if people are just reading too much into this.