Mellow Rackz Drops Music Video for ‘Any Chick’

Mellow Rackz Drops Music Video for ‘Any Chick’

Florida rapper Mellow Rackz continues to set new standards with her latest music video, “Any Chick.”

Produced by Grammy award-winner Bigg D, the track underscores her commitment to empowerment. Noteworthy collaborations with ATL Jacob, Lil Yachty, and Icewear Vezzo cement her status as a rising star.

The visual, devoid of male actors, features Mellow Rackz rapping amidst a vintage car and a lavish South Beach mansion, symbolizing her successful journey. Through this ode to self-celebration, she inspires listeners on their paths. Viewers can experience the HD clip and stream “Any Chick” on various platforms, embracing the message of self-empowerment.