Method Man Reveals He Declined Role in ‘Girls Trip’ Movie

Method Man Reveals He Declined Role in ‘Girls Trip’ Movie

Since his coming as the tenacious emcee from Wu-Tang Clan with the self-titled single, aside from spitting bars about the Shaolin style, Method Man has managed to master another art form, acting. With a history of standout roles in Belly, How High, The Wire, The Deuce, and presently, Starz’s Power Book II: Ghost, where he plays a big shot lawyer named Davis Maclean, Method Man has garnered enough experience to use his own discernment when it comes to the roles that are offered to him.

In a recent episode of Jemele Hill Unbothered, Method Man revealed he was offered a role on the box office recording-breaking movie Girls Trip, but declined the offer. The Wu-Tang Clan legend was presented with the opportunity to play Stewart Pierce, the two-timing husband of Ryan Pierce, who is played by Regina Hall. According to Method Man, he declined the role because he simply could not relate to the immoral character of Stewart Pierce.

“I was supposed to be that a–hole guy that [Mike] Colter played,” Method Man said. “So when I read the script, I was like I feel like I’ve gotta take a shower. It was like I couldn’t relate to the guy. I like characters I feel like I can hang out with…But this dude was like, ugh. I didn’t like him. I’m sorry, I just didn’t like him.”


Method Man has also steered into another professional outlet, podcasting. During the pandemic in November of last year, in collaboration with Marvel, the Marvel Method podcast premiered on SiriusXM. A known comic enthusiast, the podcast entails the rap icon sitting down with fellow celebrities to discuss all things comic fandom.