Method Man Says ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Role Came at a “Great Time”

Method Man Says ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Role Came at a “Great Time”

Method Man has had a busy year, which is ending with him in his stellar role as Davis MacLean on Power Book II: Ghost. To talk about his year and what’s on the horizon, Meth hit the Jemele Hill Is Unbothered podcast.

Method Man’s MacLean is currently deep into a court case with Tasha St. Patrick and the rapper detailed what drew him to this role.

“I don’t want to jump too far into the lake before I take enough swimming lessons – let’s just put it that way,” Method Man said. “But this was a great time for a role like this to come up, and a great cast and a great place to do it at…Based off the fact that I know this audience, I’m a little bit more comfortable doing what I do on the screen, because I know they’ll understand it if no one else does.”

Method Man is on the small screen but has not forgotten the music. He reveals that he is at work on new music, including a collaboration effort with Havoc of Mobb Deep.

“Havoc and myself have an LP coming out called Dirty P, which is a play on Old Dirty Bastard’s name and the Prodigy,” he shared. “Myself and rottweiler is doing a tribute to break beat old school hip-hop. Break beats that I loved from the past, I’m redoing those records but with totally different lyrics. Right now, what do I have in the bag, KRS-One from Still Number One, just did that one, and Ego Trippin from Ultramagnetic MC…so it’s going to be pretty cool. Oh and Meth Lab 3, Season 3.”

Hill would ask about Wu-Tang to which Method Man replied “I did two songs but I haven’t heard back in months. That’s just Wu-Tang. That’s how we work.”

Excited for more music from Method Man? You can hear the interview below.