MKE’s 414bigfrank Drops New Singles “Flair Wooo” & “Backpack”

MKE’s 414bigfrank Drops New Singles “Flair Wooo” & “Backpack”

Milwaukee’s music scene has been set ablaze as 414bigfrank teamed up with EMG to drop his latest tracks “Flair Wooo” and “Backpack”. The up-and-coming artist,  known for his infectious beats and captivating lyrics, has once again delivered two explosive hits that are already making waves.

The tracks, “Backpack”  and “Flair Wooo” are both a fusion of energetic rhythms, pulsating beats, and catchy hooks that demand attention from the first sound. Backed by 414bigfrank‘s signature style and electrifying presence, the songs are a testament to Frank’s greatness. The collaborations showcase the evolution of both artist and label blending their distinct sounds to create music that resonates with listeners craving upbeat vibes and dance-worthy tunes.

The chemistry between 414bigfrank and EMG  is undeniable, evident in the seamless flow and synergy within “Backpack” and “Flair Wooo”. Off his new hit album UP AND COMING, both tracks are poised to become crowd favorites. As they continue to gain traction and find their way onto playlists, both 414bigfrank and EMG are thrilled with the success. UP AND COMING is out now and 414bigfrank promises more exhilarating collaborations in the future.


With “Backpack” and “Flair Wooo”, 414bigfrank has once again proven his ability to deliver hits that captivate and elevate the music scene, solidifying his position as a formidable force in the industry yet to come.