Your favorite Learjet passenger came back with a vengeance last night, with ‘s long-awaited and collaboration . The first peddle to start a full-scale avalanche, the Canadian rapper’s latest banger suggests big moves to come. Nav recently hit up the Beats 1 studios to talk shop, teasing some his future plans and collaborations, including a posthumous release from the late . 

After playing coy for a moment, Nav opens up about his upcoming music with Pop, which was recorded during . “That night we did ‘Wolves,’ we did that song ‘Wolves,’ we squeezed out another song,” he reveals. “You know? Yeah. It kind gives like a different kind vibe to it. It’s kind a melancholy vibe to it.”  

Nav & Pop Smoke Have Another One

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Unfortunately, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has thrown his trajectory out whack — for now. When asked if he has a release window for his new album, Nav speculates that it will be coming within a few months. “We don’t have a date for it, but yeah, the world situation right now kind switched up everybody’s game plan,” he reflects. “Yeah. We were kind all in shock. You know how you supposed to do a release party, how you supposed to do all that stuff now? It’s kind weird, right? We just play it by ear day by day. Yesterday me and Travis Scott were making beats at Cash’s house. He live down the street from me. He got a studio, so we were doing that. You never know what that’s going to lead to.”

From the sound it, Nav isn’t about to lose momentum. At least, not when there’s still work to be done. “For me there’s always a pressure to work,” explains the rapper. “You know what I mean? I always keep pressure on myself to work. I always feel guilty when I’m relaxing.”