Former NBA commissioner David Stern passed away on Wednesday at 77. He served as the NBA’s commissioner from 1984 until 2014, and helped make the league one the most powerful sports corporations in the world. His tenure is considered the most successful period in basketball history, and he even went on to start the WNBA in the mid-90s. Stern’s impact on the sport is bigger than anyone can put into words, but legends all over the league are fering up their words none the less. Stars from Kobe Bryant and Shaq, to and Scotty Pippen, took to social media to share kind words and moments.

“The game changed in so many ways under David Stern’s leadership and vision,” tweeted Kobe. “He demanded the best everyone because he gave it himself.” “The NBA owes David Stern a debt gratitude,” tweeted Isiah Thomas. “His courage, innovation intelligence, tenacity & his ability to manage our league that has become a global success. He charted a path for modern-day basketball.” Check out all the reactions below.