Need To Reduce Mindless Eating? Here Are Some Tips That Can Help

Need To Reduce Mindless Eating? Here Are Some Tips That Can Help

Have you ever found yourself snacking without purpose?

Have your taste buds automatically led you to the junk food isle?

It is okay we have all been there. The good news, there is hope. We must be more mindful and ask ourselves the right questions.


Here are three easy ways to eat mindfully

What are you feeding?

Before you reach for the unhealthy food choice, ask yourself why. There is something that you are feeding, besides hunger, when you reach for that crunchy bag of chips or chocolate. What is it and why do you want it?

We know it is good and might satisfy a sweet tooth or salt craving, but think long term. Ask yourself, how is this helping me now and will I really feel better after I indulge in this unhealthy food option? There is someone out there saying YES! But really think about it and ask those questions. You have one body, learn to understand it, and take care of it.

Plan your meals

The time you take to meal plan and prep will save you time, money, and calories during the week. Make it a ritual on the weekends to plan your meals and snacks. Make it fun and try a new recipe each week.

Create balance

Everything should be in moderation. You know your boundaries and limits. It is important that your relationship with food is a healthy one. Foods can heal us or hurt us. Choose to eat foods that heal and keep you healthy. If you do choose to indulge, keep it all in moderation.