Odell Beckham Jr. Laughs At  Allegations from Chief Keef’s Baby Mother

Odell Beckham Jr. Laughs At Allegations from Chief Keef’s Baby Mother

Odell Beckham Jr. may have been getting weird stares following some rumors that recently surfaced the internet. Slim Danger, aka Chief Keef’s baby’s momma, joined her friends, Celina Powell and Aliza on a No Jumper podcast, and told them that the NFL star has a very kinky fetish in the bedroom.

“He loves to be sh*tted on,” she stated. She then goes into further detail and explains that although this was his alleged request, she was not able to poop on command, but the awkward request didn’t stop there. “He wanted me to come on a plane and he was like, ‘Make sure you don’t have any underwear, don’t take a shower for twenty-four hours’,” she stated.

 “I’m like, ‘damn, what the f— are you on?’ This is how I got flown out. He was like, ‘Take a picture of you sh*tting.’ I was like, alright, f*ck, I can do that. I took a whole video, b*tch What you want? I sent it and, in maybe two hours, I was in Houston,” she continued.


Odell sat down with Mav Carter in an interview on Uninterrupted Podcast to clear his name. “Of every rumor and situation, all the bullsh*t Ive dealt with in my career, this was the funniest sh*t.” he stated, No pun intended. “My boy sent it to me and I woke up, I seen it at like, seven in the morning when I was going to take my test and watched it and I called him back in tears crying. Like, I have never, ever in my life heard this one. I couldn’t even believe it.”

Odell then goes on to say how his teammates taunted him on the field about the ridiculous allegations. Don’t feel ashamed Odell!