Offset Taps Cardi B, Travis Scott, Latto & More for ‘Set it Off’ Album

Offset Taps Cardi B, Travis Scott, Latto & More for ‘Set it Off’ Album

Offset is getting ready for his latest album, Set it Off, revealing a tracklist with many A-list stars coming aboard for features. Hitting social media, Offset revealed the tracklist for the album featuring his wife, Cardi B, Yung Nudy, Chloe, Travis Scott, Latto, Future, and more.

Motown Records has set the stage for the release of Offset’s first solo studio album since 2019’s acclaimed Father of Four. Titled Set It Off, the album is scheduled to drop on Oct. 13, marking a highly anticipated return for the prolific artist.

With the album’s pre-order launch, Offset has unveiled his fierce and infectious new single, “FAN.” This track was crafted with the collaborative efforts of producers Aaron Bow, FNZ, Teddy Walton, Thank You Fizzle, and Thurdi.


In an exciting twist, Offset directed the official music video for “FAN,” paying homage to the legendary Michael Jackson. The video features Offset and Paige Hurd (Power Book II: GHOST, Tyler Perry’s The Oval, Everybody Hates Chris) in a narrative that takes unexpected turns as the streets around them erupt in turmoil. The video also includes appearances by Twitch star/streamer Kai Cenat and Twitch star Fanum, all set against the backdrop of Los Angeles.

Offset’s return to the spotlight promises to be an electrifying moment for fans, as Set It Off aims to solidify his status as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.