It’s been an interesting ride for Orlando Brown over the last few years. The child star is well known for his roles on That’s So Raven and The Proud Family, but his struggles with addictions as an adult have taken center stage over his career.

Even so, the actor-rapper’s recent antics have been a cause for concern from the public. There have been some strange posts made to his social media pages, but on Wednesday (January 22), a video surfaced from Worldstar showing Brown making wild accusations against . ?” Brown asked. “Nick, I let you suck my d*ck. Okay? Fine, I said it. I let Nick suck my d*ck. And I liked it, it was okay. Nick, you sucked my d*ck. But everybody knows you did it as a female.”

The public commentary has been overwhelming, and even Cannon came forward to fer prayers for Brown. Now, the mother Brown’s son has come forward to share her thoughts on his behavior. “I worked in Hollywood a long ass time. I know a lot people, lotta personalities, and have seen and heard a lot sh*t,” she said. “, the Hollywood people like, bruh what? Y’all gotta knock it f. It’s not just drugs, mental illness that make a motherf*cka behave the way that you’re seeing. It’s attention. It’s lack attention.”

Omena added that Brown is saying these outlandish things for “shock value, for reaction, for response.” She doesn’t think it’s right that when Brown acts out, the public begins to bash his family and friends as if they aren’t there for him while blaming Hollywood for any his issues. “Knock it the f*ck f! This is not Hollywood,” Omena continued. “He been doing this sh*t since post-show, well after the show. So you can’t blame Hollywood because there was no Hollywood in-between him leaving the show and doing the crazy sh*t. Where? You mean it’s the lack Hollywood in his life. It’s the lack real contracts. It’s the lack people actually buying the music that he’s putting out and is good. So now he’s reaching for the stars and y’all wanna reach for the family.”

Watch Omena’s full response to Orlando Brown’s antics below and hear why she says he’s “trolling out desperation.” You can also read her caption where she tells everyone to support his projects.