OTH€LLO Chartered a New Path for Afro-Fusion With “SZA 4 NGAZ”

OTH€LLO Chartered a New Path for Afro-Fusion With “SZA 4 NGAZ”

From the heart of Montreal to the rhythm-infused streets of Harlem, OTH€LLO redefined the Afrobeat genre by seamlessly blending it with gospel’s sanctity in his hot and heavy debut single, “SZA 4 NGAZ”.

OTH€LLO’s musical roots trace back to his Congolese immigrant parents, who initiated him into the world of Congolese gospel and the vivacious beats of secular soukous. In “SZA 4 NGAZ” OTH€LLO masterfully combines his heritage with contemporary RnB. The result? A track that resonates with both religious undertones and a powerful call for self-acceptance and authenticity.

The single unfurls with a sultry RnB ambience punctuated by indie guitars bathed in warm delays. As it progresses, hints of hip-hop emerge, revealing OTH€LLO’s ability to intricately weave genres before culminating in a track that epitomises the essence of modern Afro-Fusion.


As OTH€LLO puts it:

“This song is an exploration of how growing my dreads again after cutting my first set was like falling again. It sonically narrates the process of self-love and self-acceptance through a fiercely Afrocentric and sexual perspective.”

Post-release, OTH€LLO is already back to the grind, laying down tracks for his inaugural EP. Given the success of his debut, which has racked up over 65k streams on Spotify alone, fans should brace themselves for what’s next.

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