Imagine being this cool a parent. Grand Theft Auto V has been entertaining kids and adults alike around the world for seven years now. Rockstar has created a game that has brought in millions for them for almost a decade, and it hasn’t lost its value. Parents have been rallying against the game the entire time, wary the *** and violence depicted in the game. The more people criticize the game though, the better it does. Some parents have tried to regulate their children’s gaming, to no avail. Others have tried to ban the game, but that hasn’t worked either. Now, one set parents think they’ve found a solution. 

As reported by Complexthis weekend Lancashire Road Police in England pulled over an 11-year-old boy. The cops realized that he was too young to be behind the wheel but found the situation puzzling. The parents the child told authorities that they were frustrated with him playing Grand Theft Auto V all day, so they “brought him out to practice driving on a car park.” Lancashire Road Police used some GTA humor by posting the story with the caption “BUSTED” in the video game’s font online.