[PHOTOS] Our Black Lives Still Matter

[PHOTOS] Our Black Lives Still Matter

This week we were reminded that ‘Black Lives Still Matter’ when we were inundated with all of the violent attacks on black women. Following the tragic altercations this week at the liquor store in Harlem, a crowd rallied together to remind the Harlem Neighborhood that we would no longer tolerate disrespect.

As a black woman myself, I must admit I never expect to be protected. Growing up in Harlem I had to be tough and rough in order to fit in. Men can be pushy if you reject them or if they grew up around violence. We have so many things to fight that we get used to being ‘strong’. As I grew older I realized that it’s not fair or balanced. We shouldn’t always be forced to be strong, we matter too.

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Thank you to the men who protect us and are talking about protecting black women and never forget how strong we are together.Check out these captivating photos from photographer/Director Zoi Ellis at protests this past summer in New Rochelle. May we continue to fight for what’s right and never forget that our lives matter too.