We’ve been waiting ages for ‘s new album Whole Lotta Red. The Atlanta mumble rapper is looking to follow up the success Die Lit with even more fire and, judging from the leaks and the snippets, fans think he can very well drop another hit. . Playboi Carti has been teasing the arrival the record for months and, . Uploading a new hint on Instagram last night, people rushed over to a website that Carti had written into his caption, only to be met with information about filmmaking.

Playboi Carti Fans Rushed To A Random Website Thinking "Whole Lotta Red" Dropped
Dia Dipasupil/Getty s

Playboi Carti decided to show f his Rick Owens outfit one time, getting people riled up in the comments over his caption, which read: “vampire weekend . red.com.” Considering the fact that his upcoming album is titled Whole Lotta Red, people were anticipating some brand new music upon visiting the site. However, they stumbled on a website peddling speciality cameras for filmmakers, not at all resembling a new Playboi Carti album. Oh well… I guess the wait must go on a little longer.

Do you think WOR will release this year?