It may be a bold declaration, but wants artists to recognize that he’s the leader the singing-rapping wave. It’s unknown what prompted the rapper to, but PnB Rock made it clear that he doesn’t appreciate other artists mimicking his style.

“I wish so many mfs stop tryna sound like PNB,” he tweeted. “I created my own wave ain’t ride f nobody sh*t.. i got Enuff Kidz.” A Twitter user disagreed with the rapper and commented, .” The remark didn’t go unnoticed, and PnB Rock hit the Caps Lock to issue a response.

“I STARTED THIS SINGIN TRAPPIN AND RAPPIN SH*T… DO YA GOOGLES,” the rapper said. “CAME HOME FROM UPSTATE PENITENTIARY 2013 NOBODY WAS DOIN THIS SH*T BUT ME NO FUCKIN CAPP… JUST STATIN ALL FACTS.” However, some people refused the rapper’s claims and named f artists like Max B and -N-Harmony. Meanwhile. Check out the messages below and let us know who you think kicked f the “singing, rapping, and trapping” wave.