earned experience as a music executive while serving as the president G.O.O.D. Music and now he wants to apply that expertise to benefit his hometown. At an event held at Defiant Studios in Richmond, VA earlier this week, Push announced that he’s launching a new record label, called Heir Wave Music Group, dedicated to promoting talent out Virginia. 

The event also served as an opportunity for Push to introduce the label’s first signee, Kahri 1k. Kahri, who hails from Petersburg, released a nine-track project on January 31st, which is titled The Ghost Pecan Acres and features guest appearances from Quando Rondo and Yung Bleu. The head Heir Wave told the crowd about his aspirations for the label. “As far as Virginia goes… I sort feel like we haven’t established a circuit that’s really our own,” Push said. “Now, with the label, that’s one the things I’m trying to do. Now that we got this label, I’m trying to also establish a circuit you can all call your own. Just all over Virginia. I felt like Kahri and Kahri’s project would be a great one to start this whole campaign.” 

It’s unclear whether Push will be keeping his position over at G.O.O.D. Music while he pursues this new endeavor.