Two years ago, Pusha-T revealed one ‘s biggest secrets to the world, releasing his diss track titled “The Story Of Adidon” and spilling the tea that the 6ix God has a baby with Sophie Brussaux, a camgirl-turned-painter. The claim was worthy headline news across the entertainment landscape and, up until yesterday, the public had never seen photos the 2-year-old boy. Drake finally shared  to the world and, directly afterward, Pusha-T began trending on Twitter. The surge in his search value was not because his reaction or statement on the pictures… it was solely because the origins his beef with Drake.

Pusha-T Trends After Drake Shares Photos Of His Son
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The Virginia rapper has not broken his silence on the new pictures Drake’s son, but social media users were busy theorizing how he may do so, tweeting his name so frequently that he became a top trending topic. 

“Still can’t believe pusha-t bullied drake into being a present father,” wrote one fan, which echoes the sentiment many reacting to the reveal Adonis.

These days, when a celebrity trends it’s either because they have coronavirus, leaked their *** tape, or have passed away. It’s nice to know that rap beef still has the power to trend worldwide.